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Little bit about Sarah

I currently work at my local NHS hospital as an Ophthalmic Technician where I have been since 2004 after starting off first as a "bank" staff member, then in 2005 getting a permanent position in this department and working my way up to where I am now. For 19 years, since leaving school, I worked at the "Leonard Cheshire Home" in Sandbach.

I met Martyn in 1987 when he came to the home on a programme to help teach the clients to work with computers & to help them develop their own skills with new technology.

I have one older brother, Andrew, who lives in Derby & works in the aero industry at Rolls Royce Derby.

As well as our joint interests in motorsport and photography, my personal interests include Aromatherapy & hedgehogs as well as reading various books, working out word based puzzles & doing cross stitch.

I also enjoy gardening, but with only a small front garden & limited space at the back, most of my plants are in tubs or containers. .

Little bit about Martyn

Currently working as Senior Engineer at Quesh Ltd where I have been since 2012 after working 3 years at Fujitsu in customer service resolving problems for clients & it as far away as possible from my 14 years of heavy manual work I used to do at E.R.F. after leaving college. I also help set up and run "Airbrushheaven" at work dealing with airbrushes, compressors and related tools involved in all aspects from product development to marketing.

Between leaving E.R.F. and my current position I drifted back to our families core interests in electronics, computers and engineering working on support desks and running my own PC repair and software coaching business.

My main personal hobby is making model kits & have been doing this since I can remember and then writing up about them on what was this combined website, but now I have designed a seperate site for just these.

I have other interests in doing number & visual puzzles, Sci-Fi films, World War II history & its effects on the people involved, & also like to keep up with current affairs & events.

Joint Passions...

As well as all our individual interests and hobbies, we have two very large combined interests that we love to share with fellow enthusiasts and fans...


We love to watch endurance motorsport races on the TV, or live streamings, in various race series like the World Endurance Championships (WEC), British GT and the Blancpain Endurance Cup when we cannot get to go the actual races, as our other joint interest is...


... taking pictures of not just the cars going round the track, but also how the mechanics and teams prepare for the races and the work involved during the endurance events to help the drivers compete.

We also like just going places with our bridge cameras and taking photographs of things that just catch our eye.

As this site and my model making pages grew, last year we split the two apart, so for just my pages about model making and all the kits I paint they can now be found at the aptly named website "Plasticandplasters.com"

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