F.I.A. World Endurance Series (WEC)








Another of our shared interests is motorsport, so combined with our love of photography, it allows us to go to various race events, take a lot of pictures, then put them on our own site for us & others to enjoy. We find it very easy, mainly on practice days, to get some of our photo shots from inside the garage & often share them with the teams to show how the drivers & support crew work together.


Over the past few years we have gone more to endurance race weekends & this is why we have now had to split this & the British GT sections off from the other motorsport pages.


With going to a lot of the endurance races we have grown to know the teams & drivers & keep in touch with a lot of them through the power of social media. Sarah is well known on Facebook & Twitter for her informed comments on the WEC & other race organisations. You can find her on Twitter under the username @petrolheadsarah.


We always post some of our pictures on facebook, but the full complete sets are on these pages.


WEC Races