WEC Silverstone 2017 - Part 2


















































With both the British GT and W.E.C. being on the same Easter weekend in 2017 Silverstone was our first race of our actual travelling season. The 1st round of the F.I.A. WEC. was on over the weekend of April 14th-16th & we spent the usual 3 days getting round to our photo spots and going round the paddock. This year we both had new Nikon bridge cameras to try.

This year most of the balcony was closed off so could not take as many pictures above some of the pits & hope it will be fully open in 2018, but this year we did get chance to up into the International Pit Straight stands to take some from there. A very big thank you again goes to the people at the WEC as we were on the grid again, so took the opportunity to take pictures of the teams before the start to share on these pages the work that happens on the grid before the race & how the teams prepare for the 6 hours of racing.


It was nice being with Julie again and to see the passion for motorsport in someone elses eyes as well as our own. Glad you enjoyed being with us 2 mad-capped race fans again Julie :-).

Please contact us before using any part, or whole, of these pictures in any way or in any other kind of publication as they are copyright to M & S Rigby.

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WEC Silverstone2017_106WEC Silverstone2017_107WEC Silverstone2017_108WEC Silverstone2017_109WEC Silverstone2017_110WEC Silverstone2017_111WEC Silverstone2017_112

WEC Silverstone2017_113WEC Silverstone2017_114WEC Silverstone2017_115WEC Silverstone2017_116WEC Silverstone2017_117WEC Silverstone2017_118WEC Silverstone2017_119

WEC Silverstone2017_120WEC Silverstone2017_121WEC Silverstone2017_122WEC Silverstone2017_123WEC Silverstone2017_124WEC Silverstone2017_125WEC Silverstone2017_126

WEC Silverstone2017_127WEC Silverstone2017_128WEC Silverstone2017_129WEC Silverstone2017_130WEC Silverstone2017_131WEC Silverstone2017_132WEC Silverstone2017_133

WEC Silverstone2017_134WEC Silverstone2017_135WEC Silverstone2017_136WEC Silverstone2017_137WEC Silverstone2017_138WEC Silverstone2017_139WEC Silverstone2017_140

WEC Silverstone2017_141WEC Silverstone2017_142WEC Silverstone2017_143WEC Silverstone2017_144WEC Silverstone2017_145WEC Silverstone2017_146WEC Silverstone2017_147

WEC Silverstone2017_148WEC Silverstone2017_149WEC Silverstone2017_150WEC Silverstone2017_151WEC Silverstone2017_152WEC Silverstone2017_153WEC Silverstone2017_154

WEC Silverstone2017_155WEC Silverstone2017_156WEC Silverstone2017_157WEC Silverstone2017_158WEC Silverstone2017_159WEC Silverstone2017_160WEC Silverstone2017_161

WEC Silverstone2017_162WEC Silverstone2017_163WEC Silverstone2017_164WEC Silverstone2017_165WEC Silverstone2017_166WEC Silverstone2017_167WEC Silverstone2017_168

WEC Silverstone2017_169WEC Silverstone2017_170WEC Silverstone2017_171WEC Silverstone2017_172WEC Silverstone2017_173WEC Silverstone2017_174WEC Silverstone2017_175

WEC Silverstone2017_176WEC Silverstone2017_177WEC Silverstone2017_178WEC Silverstone2017_179WEC Silverstone2017_180WEC Silverstone2017_181WEC Silverstone2017_182

WEC Silverstone2017_183WEC Silverstone2017_184WEC Silverstone2017_185WEC Silverstone2017_186WEC Silverstone2017_187WEC Silverstone2017_188WEC Silverstone2017_189