WEC Silverstone 2015 - Part 3



































































First run back to Silverstone in 2015 for the 1st round of the F.I.A. WEC. We spent all 3 days getting round to our usual places & tried a few new ones just to see what we could get with our Nikon P510 & P600 bridge cameras.


On Friday we used the gaps in the fencing at the top of the loop like last year, but with Sarah being chosen by the WEC for an interview on her passion for the series & AMR, as a surprise for us, we were given grid walk passes for Sunday's main race. As you can see we took this opportunity with both hands to take a lot of pictures of the teams & cars before the start.

Please contact us before using any part, or whole, of these pictures in any way or in any other kind of publication as they are copyright to M & S Rigby.

WEC Silverstone2015_197WEC Silverstone 2015_198WEC Silverstone2015_199WEC Silverstone 2015_200WEC Silverstone2015_201WEC Silverstone 2015_202WEC Silverstone2015_203

WEC Silverstone2015_204WEC Silverstone 2015_205WEC Silverstone2015_206WEC Silverstone 2015_207WEC Silverstone2015_208WEC Silverstone 2015_209WEC Silverstone2015_210

WEC Silverstone2015_211WEC Silverstone 2015_212WEC Silverstone2015_213WEC Silverstone 2015_214WEC Silverstone2015_215WEC Silverstone 2015_216WEC Silverstone2015_217

WEC Silverstone2015_218WEC Silverstone 2015_219WEC Silverstone2015_220WEC Silverstone 2015_221WEC Silverstone2015_222WEC Silverstone 2015_223WEC Silverstone2015_224

WEC Silverstone2015_225WEC Silverstone 2015_226WEC Silverstone2015_227WEC Silverstone 2015_228WEC Silverstone2015_229WEC Silverstone 2015_230WEC Silverstone2015_231

WEC Silverstone2015_232WEC Silverstone 2015_233WEC Silverstone2015_234WEC Silverstone 2015_235WEC Silverstone2015_236WEC Silverstone 2015_237WEC Silverstone2015_238

WEC Silverstone2015_239WEC Silverstone 2015_240WEC Silverstone2015_241WEC Silverstone 2015_242WEC Silverstone2015_243WEC Silverstone 2015_244WEC Silverstone2015_245

WEC Silverstone2015_246WEC Silverstone 2015_247WEC Silverstone2015_248WEC Silverstone 2015_249WEC Silverstone2015_250WEC Silverstone 2015_251WEC Silverstone2015_252

WEC Silverstone2015_253WEC Silverstone 2015_254WEC Silverstone2015_255WEC Silverstone 2015_256WEC Silverstone2015_257WEC Silverstone 2015_258WEC Silverstone2015_259

WEC Silverstone2015_260WEC Silverstone 2015_261WEC Silverstone2015_262WEC Silverstone 2015_263WEC Silverstone2015_264

WEC Silverstone2015_265WEC Silverstone 2015_266WEC Silverstone2015_267WEC Silverstone 2015_268WEC Silverstone2015_269WEC Silverstone 2015_270WEC Silverstone2015_271

WEC Silverstone2015_272WEC Silverstone 2015_273WEC Silverstone2015_274WEC Silverstone 2015_275WEC Silverstone2015_276WEC Silverstone 2015_277WEC Silverstone2015_278

WEC Silverstone2015_279WEC Silverstone 2015_280WEC Silverstone2015_281WEC Silverstone 2015_282WEC Silverstone2015_283WEC Silverstone 2015_284WEC Silverstone2015_285

WEC Silverstone2015_286WEC Silverstone 2015_287WEC Silverstone2015_288WEC Silverstone 2015_289WEC Silverstone2015_290WEC Silverstone 2015_291WEC Silverstone2015_292