WEC Silverstone 2014 - Part 3





































































Our first trip back to Silverstone in 2014 for the 1st round of the F.I.A. WEC. Again we went for the full 3 days & used them to try to get round to some different parts of the track to take our pictures with some grandstands shut this year.

We were lucky on the Friday to take a lot of pictures using the official gaps in the fencing at the top of the loop, but on Saturday & Sunday barriers had been erected in front of them for some reason. It was nice again to meet up with drivers, team crews & fellow fans Sarah chats with on social media.

We have spread our pictures over 3 pages & all were taken with either our Nikon P510 & Panasonic FZ72 bridge cameras.

Please contact us before using any part, or whole, of these pictures in any way or in any other kind of publication as they are copyright to M & S Rigby.

WEC Silverstone 2014_225WEC Silverstone 2014_226WEC Silverstone 2014_227WEC Silverstone 2014_228WEC Silverstone 2014_229WEC Silverstone 2014_230WEC Silverstone 2014_231

WEC Silverstone 2014_232WEC Silverstone 2014_233WEC Silverstone 2014_234WEC Silverstone 2014_235WEC Silverstone 2014_236WEC Silverstone 2014_237WEC Silverstone 2014_238

WEC Silverstone 2014_239WEC Silverstone 2014_240WEC Silverstone 2014_241WEC Silverstone 2014_242WEC Silverstone 2014_243WEC Silverstone 2014_244WEC Silverstone 2014_245

WEC Silverstone 2014_246WEC Silverstone 2014_247WEC Silverstone 2014_248WEC Silverstone 2014_249WEC Silverstone 2014_250WEC Silverstone 2014_251WEC Silverstone 2014_252

WEC Silverstone 2014_253WEC Silverstone 2014_254WEC Silverstone 2014_255WEC Silverstone 2014_256WEC Silverstone 2014_257WEC Silverstone 2014_258WEC Silverstone 2014_259

WEC Silverstone 2014_260WEC Silverstone 2014_261WEC Silverstone 2014_262WEC Silverstone 2014_263WEC Silverstone 2014_264WEC Silverstone 2014_265WEC Silverstone 2014_266

WEC Silverstone 2014_267WEC Silverstone 2014_268WEC Silverstone 2014_269WEC Silverstone 2014_270WEC Silverstone 2014_271WEC Silverstone 2014_272WEC Silverstone 2014_273

WEC Silverstone 2014_274WEC Silverstone 2014_275WEC Silverstone 2014_276WEC Silverstone 2014_277WEC Silverstone 2014_278WEC Silverstone 2014_279WEC Silverstone 2014_280

WEC Silverstone 2014_281WEC Silverstone 2014_282WEC Silverstone 2014_283WEC Silverstone 2014_284WEC Silverstone 2014_285WEC Silverstone 2014_286WEC Silverstone 2014_287

WEC Silverstone 2014_288WEC Silverstone 2014_289WEC Silverstone 2014_290WEC Silverstone 2014_291WEC Silverstone 2014_292WEC Silverstone 2014_293WEC Silverstone 2014_294

WEC Silverstone 2014_295WEC Silverstone 2014_296WEC Silverstone 2014_297WEC Silverstone 2014_298WEC Silverstone 2014_299WEC Silverstone 2014_300WEC Silverstone 2014_301

WEC Silverstone 2014_302WEC Silverstone 2014_303WEC Silverstone 2014_304WEC Silverstone 2014_305WEC Silverstone 2014_306WEC Silverstone 2014_307WEC Silverstone 2014_308

WEC Silverstone 2014_309WEC Silverstone 2014_310WEC Silverstone 2014_311WEC Silverstone 2014_312WEC Silverstone 2014_313WEC Silverstone 2014_314WEC Silverstone 2014_315

WEC Silverstone 2014_316WEC Silverstone 2014_317WEC Silverstone 2014_318WEC Silverstone 2014_319WEC Silverstone 2014_320WEC Silverstone 2014_321WEC Silverstone 2014_322

WEC Silverstone 2014_323WEC Silverstone 2014_324WEC Silverstone 2014_325WEC Silverstone 2014_326

WEC Silverstone 2014_169WEC Silverstone 2014_170WEC Silverstone 2014_171WEC Silverstone 2014_172WEC Silverstone 2014_173