WEC Silverstone 2013 - Part 2






















































Silverstone held the 1st round of the FIA WEC season & it was nice to get back to one of our regular haunts for a full 3 days of motorsport passion.

We had roving passes that allowed us to try out various grandstands as well as our normal trip into the paddock to meet up with race teams & go inside the garages. It was nice to see we are getting known, or should that be notorious, allowing us take better pictures.

It was also great to meet up with fellow motorsport fans in person instead of just over the net. 2 pages weren't enough so you will have 3 to look through this time :-).

Please contact us before using any part, or whole, of these pictures in any way or in any other kind of publication as they are copyright to M & S Rigby.

WEC Silverstone 2013_106WEC Silverstone 2013_107WEC Silverstone 2013_108WEC Silverstone 2013_109WEC Silverstone 2013_110WEC Silverstone 2013_111WEC Silverstone 2013_112

WEC Silverstone 2013_113WEC Silverstone 2013_114WEC Silverstone 2013_115WEC Silverstone 2013_116WEC Silverstone 2013_117WEC Silverstone 2013_118WEC Silverstone 2013_119

WEC Silverstone 2013_120WEC Silverstone 2013_121WEC Silverstone 2013_122WEC Silverstone 2013_123WEC Silverstone 2013_124WEC Silverstone 2013_125WEC Silverstone 2013_126

WEC Silverstone 2013_127WEC Silverstone 2013_128WEC Silverstone 2013_129WEC Silverstone 2013_130WEC Silverstone 2013_131WEC Silverstone 2013_132WEC Silverstone 2013_133

WEC Silverstone 2013_134WEC Silverstone 2013_135WEC Silverstone 2013_136WEC Silverstone 2013_137WEC Silverstone 2013_138WEC Silverstone 2013_139WEC Silverstone 2013_140

WEC Silverstone 2013_141WEC Silverstone 2013_142WEC Silverstone 2013_143WEC Silverstone 2013_144WEC Silverstone 2013_145WEC Silverstone 2013_146WEC Silverstone 2013_147

WEC Silverstone 2013_148WEC Silverstone 2013_149WEC Silverstone 2013_150WEC Silverstone 2013_151WEC Silverstone 2013_152WEC Silverstone 2013_153WEC Silverstone 2013_154

WEC Silverstone 2013_155WEC Silverstone 2013_156WEC Silverstone 2013_157WEC Silverstone 2013_158WEC Silverstone 2013_159WEC Silverstone 2013_160WEC Silverstone 2013_161

WEC Silverstone 2013_162WEC Silverstone 2013_163WEC Silverstone 2013_164WEC Silverstone 2013_165WEC Silverstone 2013_166WEC Silverstone 2013_167WEC Silverstone 2013_168

WEC Silverstone 2013_169WEC Silverstone 2013_170WEC Silverstone 2013_171WEC Silverstone 2013_172WEC Silverstone 2013_173WEC Silverstone 2013_174WEC Silverstone 2013_175

WEC Silverstone 2013_176WEC Silverstone 2013_177WEC Silverstone 2013_178WEC Silverstone 2013_179WEC Silverstone 2013_180WEC Silverstone 2013_181WEC Silverstone 2013_182

WEC Silverstone 2013_183WEC Silverstone 2013_184WEC Silverstone 2013_185WEC Silverstone 2013_186WEC Silverstone 2013_187WEC Silverstone 2013_188WEC Silverstone 2013_189

WEC Silverstone 2013_190WEC Silverstone 2013_191WEC Silverstone 2013_192WEC Silverstone 2013_193WEC Silverstone 2013_194WEC Silverstone 2013_195WEC Silverstone 2013_196

WEC Silverstone 2013_197WEC Silverstone 2013_198WEC Silverstone 2013_199WEC Silverstone 2013_200WEC Silverstone 2013_201WEC Silverstone 2013_202WEC Silverstone 2013_203