WEC Silverstone 2013 - Part 1






























































Silverstone held the 1st round of the FIA WEC season & it was nice to get back to one of our regular haunts for a full 3 days of motorsport passion.

We had roving passes that allowed us to try out various grandstands as well as our normal trip into the paddock to meet up with race teams & go inside the garages. It was nice to see we are getting known, or should that be notorious, allowing us take better pictures.

It was also great to meet up with fellow motorsport fans in person instead of just over the net. 2 pages weren't enough so you will have 3 to look through this time :-).

Please contact us before using any part, or whole, of these pictures in any way or in any other kind of publication as they are copyright to M & S Rigby.

WEC Silverstone 2013_001WEC Silverstone 2013_002WEC Silverstone 2013_003WEC Silverstone 2013_004WEC Silverstone 2013_005WEC Silverstone 2013_006WEC Silverstone 2013_007

WEC Silverstone 2013_008WEC Silverstone 2013_009WEC Silverstone 2013_010WEC Silverstone 2013_011WEC Silverstone 2013_012WEC Silverstone 2013_013WEC Silverstone 2013_014

WEC Silverstone 2013_015WEC Silverstone 2013_016WEC Silverstone 2013_017WEC Silverstone 2013_018WEC Silverstone 2013_019WEC Silverstone 2013_020WEC Silverstone 2013_021

WEC Silverstone 2013_022WEC Silverstone 2013_023WEC Silverstone 2013_024WEC Silverstone 2013_025WEC Silverstone 2013_026WEC Silverstone 2013_027WEC Silverstone 2013_028

WEC Silverstone 2013_029WEC Silverstone 2013_030WEC Silverstone 2013_031WEC Silverstone 2013_032WEC Silverstone 2013_033WEC Silverstone 2013_034WEC Silverstone 2013_035

WEC Silverstone 2013_036WEC Silverstone 2013_037WEC Silverstone 2013_038WEC Silverstone 2013_039WEC Silverstone 2013_040WEC Silverstone 2013_041WEC Silverstone 2013_042

WEC Silverstone 2013_043WEC Silverstone 2013_044WEC Silverstone 2013_045WEC Silverstone 2013_046WEC Silverstone 2013_047WEC Silverstone 2013_048WEC Silverstone 2013_049

WEC Silverstone 2013_050WEC Silverstone 2013_051WEC Silverstone 2013_052WEC Silverstone 2013_053WEC Silverstone 2013_054WEC Silverstone 2013_055WEC Silverstone 2013_056

WEC Silverstone 2013_057WEC Silverstone 2013_058WEC Silverstone 2013_059WEC Silverstone 2013_060WEC Silverstone 2013_061WEC Silverstone 2013_062WEC Silverstone 2013_063

WEC Silverstone 2013_064WEC Silverstone 2013_065WEC Silverstone 2013_066WEC Silverstone 2013_067WEC Silverstone 2013_068WEC Silverstone 2013_069WEC Silverstone 2013_070

WEC Silverstone 2013_071WEC Silverstone 2013_072WEC Silverstone 2013_073WEC Silverstone 2013_074WEC Silverstone 2013_075WEC Silverstone 2013_076WEC Silverstone 2013_077

WEC Silverstone 2013_078WEC Silverstone 2013_079WEC Silverstone 2013_080WEC Silverstone 2013_081WEC Silverstone 2013_082WEC Silverstone 2013_083WEC Silverstone 2013_084

WEC Silverstone 2013_085WEC Silverstone 2013_086WEC Silverstone 2013_087WEC Silverstone 2013_088WEC Silverstone 2013_089WEC Silverstone 2013_090WEC Silverstone 2013_091

WEC Silverstone 2013_092WEC Silverstone 2013_093WEC Silverstone 2013_094WEC Silverstone 2013_095WEC Silverstone 2013_096WEC Silverstone 2013_097WEC Silverstone 2013_098

WEC Silverstone 2013_099WEC Silverstone 2013_100WEC Silverstone 2013_101WEC Silverstone 2013_102WEC Silverstone 2013_103WEC Silverstone 2013_104WEC Silverstone 2013_105