Autosport International Show 2011




Our trek to the N.E.C. in Birmingham on Saturday 15th January gave Sarah & I hance to use the newer camera's at the show & test them out in the normail yellow glow of their lighting.  As you can see they have come out very well & hope you like them.

The show was lacking in a guest to open it on Saturday, so bar being right at the front of the queue again there was no special guest to see or try to get an autograph from.

Autosports 2011-01Autosports 2011-02Autosports 2011-03Autosports 2011-04Autosports 2011-05Autosports 2011-06Autosports 2011-07

Autosports 2011-08Autosports 2011-09Autosports 2011-10Autosports 2011-11Autosports 2011-12Autosports 2011-13Autosports 2011-14

Autosports 2011-15Autosports 2011-16Autosports 2011-17Autosports 2011-18Autosports 2011-19Autosports 2011-20Autosports 2011-21

Autosports 2011-22Autosports 2011-23Autosports 2011-24Autosports 2011-25Autosports 2011-26Autosports 2011-27Autosports 2011-28

Autosports 2011-29Autosports 2011-30Autosports 2011-31Autosports 2011-32Autosports 2011-33Autosports 2011-34Autosports 2011-35

Autosports 2011-36Autosports 2011-37Autosports 2011-38Autosports 2011-39Autosports 2011-40Autosports 2011-41Autosports 2011-42

Autosports 2011-43Autosports 2011-44Autosports 2011-45Autosports 2011-46Autosports 2011-47Autosports 2011-48Autosports 2011-49

Autosports 2011-50Autosports 2011-51Autosports 2011-52Autosports 2011-53Autosports 2011-54Autosports 2011-55Autosports 2011-56

Autosports 2011-57Autosports 2011-58Autosports 2011-59Autosports 2011-60Autosports 2011-61Autosports 2011-62Autosports 2011-63

Autosports 2011-64Autosports 2011-65Autosports 2011-66Autosports 2011-67Autosports 2011-68Autosports 2011-69Autosports 2011-70

Autosports 2011-71Autosports 2011-72Autosports 2011-73Autosports 2011-74Autosports 2011-75Autosports 2011-76Autosports 2011-77

Autosports 2011-78Autosports 2011-79Autosports 2011-80Autosports 2011-81Autosports 2011-82Autosports 2011-83Autosports 2011-84

Autosports 2011-85Autosports 2011-86Autosports 2011-87Autosports 2011-88Autosports 2011-89Autosports 2011-90Autosports 2011-91

Autosports 2011-92Autosports 2011-93

Autosports 2011-94Autosports 2011-95Autosports 2011-96Autosports 2011-97Autosports 2011-98