ELMS Donington Park 2012 Friday















































''Wet'' would not justify the weather conditions we had on this Friday 13th July. When we got back home even our camera cleaning cloths needed to dry out :-). This gave us a very good excuse to go round the garages & try to sneak a peek inside.

That is after we found we could get in as a security guy had said that even with a weekend paddock pass we would not be allowed in on Friday! Took a facebook message to the Donny page & a reply 2 hrs later to say this was wrong so we lost a lot of time meeting up with teams & drivers :-(.

It did give us chance to take pictures of cars during wet practice & recon the track for the rest of the weekend.

Please contact us before using any part, or whole, of these pictures in any way or in any other kind of publication as they are copyright to M & S Rigby.

ELMS Donington2012_001ELMS Donington2012_002ELMS Donington2012_003ELMS Donington2012_004ELMS Donington2012_005ELMS Donington2012_006ELMS Donington2012_007

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